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Who Are These Kows?

[zee_dropcap]We are but a small web design outfit based in Little Elm, TX. Our name may seem new, but we’ve been doing this since 2000–back when websites were ruled by tables. Now we steep ourselves in standards-based web design. All CSS, not a table to be found; code that we try our darndest to meet W3C standards (and we incorporate other technologies–see below). Recent developments for us have involved WordPress sites and Responsive Design. We’ve also done logo and print design for various clients. Perhaps you’ve seen some of our work, perhaps you haven’t. Take a gander here.[/zee_dropcap][/zee_column][/zee_columns]

Our Process

[zee_dropcap]At Kota Kows, we design and develop standards compliant websites. We go through a multi-step process that takes your site from Planning/Meeting to Structure to Design, Coding and then Launch.[/zee_dropcap]

[zee_columns][zee_column size=”4″ id=”column1″][zee_blocknumber number=”1a” color=”#fff” background=”#583337″ borderradius=”10px”]PLANNING: One option is to download our Project Planner, which will help us to gauge the type, size, and scope of your potential web project. From there we can gather materials from you based on your feedback.[/zee_blocknumber][/zee_column][zee_column size=”4″ id=”column2″][zee_blocknumber number=”1b” color=”#fff” background=”#583337″ borderradius=”10px”]MEETING: The other option is to meet with you and get ideas for the site based on what kind of business it is, and what the peers and competitors have to offer. We’ll also gather materials from you, in the form of text and images.[/zee_blocknumber][/zee_column][zee_column size=”4″ id=”column3″][zee_blocknumber number=”2″ color=”#fff” background=”#583337″ borderradius=”10px”]STRUCTURE: At this stage the site will be developed via wire framing–for positioning of text and images, and to gauge the overall look and feel for the site. We’ll utilize images, colors and text to get things right before we head to design.[/zee_blocknumber][/zee_column][/zee_columns]


[zee_columns][zee_column size=”4″ id=”column1″][zee_blocknumber number=”3″ color=”#fff” background=”#583337″ borderradius=”10px”]DESIGN: Here we’ll incorporate logos (or create them if needed) and design Photoshop mockups which we’ll send for your approval. If they do not meet your standards, we’ll draft new ones.[/zee_blocknumber][/zee_column][zee_column size=”4″ id=”column2″][zee_blocknumber number=”4″ color=”#fff” background=”#583337″ borderradius=”10px”]CODING: When a final design is reached, we start coding the site in HTML5, CSS and PHP; we test various platforms and implement SEO. We can also implement Google Analytics into your site if so desired.[/zee_blocknumber][/zee_column][zee_column size=”4″ id=”column3″][zee_blocknumber number=”5″ color=”#fff” background=”#583337″ borderradius=”10px”]DEPLOYMENT: At this stage we’ll do a soft launch for you to view and test the site, then do a hard launch for the public. We will offer any help and perform maintenance and other tweaks during this critical stage.[/zee_blocknumber][/zee_column][/zee_columns]

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Other Services

  • Content Managment System (CMS) – Content management systems are especially useful for content that will be created or delivered from a variety of different sources. More and more businesses want a “hands-on” approach to their site once it is finished and CMS allows users to update and modify site content with no knowledge of HTML or CSS. Our design process has slowly moved over to WordPress, utilizing themes and modifying them to suit your design needs.
  • Identity – along with a logo for your site we can work with you to design business cards and other print advertising
    to help expand your image and presence.
  • Media Integration – Got video or audio you want to embed in your site? Easily done. We also have the ability to create custom audio/music.

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Meet The Team

These are the Kows who keep us going.