Monday Musings

So, I haven’t really hunkered down and started a blog.  Not for any of my personal or business sites.  It’s not been something I thought of doing, much less doing consistently.  This is my foray into trying something with more regularity, and for now I will write something every Monday and see how on schedule I can stay.  To be honest, I don’t do web design full time.  I’m also a professional musician, and married for 12 years with a small child.  But, this is something I’ve been doing since 2001-ish and my passion for it has ebbed and flowed.  It’s still a part of me.  These days, it is very hard to keep up with current technologies, coding standards, design practices, etc.  I do my best.  I’ve gained and lost clients along the way.  Some simply stopped having a website, some moved on to other designers, for one reason or another.  I’ve been okay with that–granted, it’s tough to lose someone but I can’t wallow too much in the idea that someone moved on.  We all do.  New clients have replaced old; the ones I still have are great.  I enjoy keeping their web presence alive.

Today I worked a bit on my Twitter presence.  Added more links on the website.  Perused ways to gain followers.  It will be a slow process, as I manage four Twitter accounts and manage to keep one fairly busy, though I do a better job at retweeting than simply posting.  So, between now and next Monday let’s see how we do.  Will I have more followers next week?  It takes work, and consistency.

That’s all on my mind for now.  See you next Monday.

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